Popular ‘Blessing for the Home’ gifts

Popular ‘Blessing for the Home’ gifts

Purchasing a home is always a commendable achievement, and everyone, Christian or otherwise, will appreciate a “Blessing for the Home” gift. This can serve as both a congratulatory item and a spiritual memento of blessing.  A free-standing olive wood cross with “God Bless Our Home” inscribed across it is one such perfect gift. Not only is it made from durable olive wood, but it also speaks the words of blessings over the house. Other similar options, such as The Lord's Prayer wall hanging with or without incense and free-standing or wooden crosses, all serve a similar purpose. 

Then there are anointing oils and gifts of incense that can be used to portray the same idea and have the same purpose of declaring a blessing over the home while inadvertently chasing away all evil spirits and thoughts. Other art pieces also declare a blessing over homes, including wall hangings both on wood and canvas. 

While there are a variety of options out there, you cannot go wrong if you identify a “blessing for the home” ideally with the words “Bless” or “Blessing” actually inscribed or with the symbol of blessings such as the crucified Christ or the “praying hands.”

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