Lamps typical of New Testament times

Lamps typical of New Testament times

When one thinks of lamps in the New Testament, the parable of the Ten Virgins immediately comes to mind. This was a story of ten virgins who were guests at a wedding which evidently took place in the night as the virgins all had their lamps.

The parable focused on the need to be prepared for the Second Coming of Christ as did the five wise virgins who took their lamps and took extra oil. The foolish on the other hand, took no extra oil with them, ran out before the bridegroom arrived and were eventually locked out of the wedding.

In Matthew the disciples were called to let their line shine before men with the admonition that no one lights a lamp and put it under a shade. As such lamps in the New Testament were expected to give light to everyone in a room, and Jesus challenged his disciples to do the same.

The New Testament ended by revealing in Revelation that Jesus is the ultimate light (lamp), when it declares that the Lamb is the Light. Lamps were very useful then to shed light on one’s paths and all the followers of Christ are expected to be a light for others to follow to glorify God.

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