Is faith required to use prayer oil?

Is faith required to use prayer oil?

Prayer oil is considered one of the four most important elements of Christendom along with water, bread and wine. Some persons may prefer to take their oil to the pastor for them to pray over it and consecrate it while others prefer to do this themselves, by asking God to bless and cleanse the oil so that it can be used for his sake and his glory.

Oil that is blessed or consecrated looks no different from oil that is not blessed, and as such it is critical that user demonstrate faith as they use it. The oil symbolizes the Spirit of God, captured in a bottle, which physically communicates the power of God.

In James 5, persons are admonished that if someone is sick, they should call the elders to pray over the sick one with anointing oil in the name of the Lord, and the prayer of faith will heal the sick.

The Bible is very precise in pointing out that it is not the oil that does the healing but the faith that brings about its occurrence. As such, even with the prayer oil, serving as the power of God, in tangible form, the one who prays must extend their faith to God, for answered prayers.

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