How long do the lamps burn?

How long do the lamps burn?

Persons may choose to get a clay lamp for a variety of reasons. Some for the experience of owning a lamp from Jesus’s parable of the Ten Virgins, others because they want to protect the environment, still others because they believe that clay lamps are very useful.

They are natural, pretty easy to use, don’t produce toxic by-products, and can be quickly lit and during power outages. Naturally, if you have invested in such a lamp, whether for yourself or as a gift for someone, I am sure you are curious about how long they typically burn for.

Generally, an average sized lamp van burn for up to three hours per filling. While one can use different types of vegetable oil for fuel, olive oil is highly recommended. As a fuel that is 99 percent purely renewable, you do not get smoke or a scent and few ounces will be able fuel your lamp for a long time.

This way you can get the most hours from one filling of fuel and you can also save money that you would have normally spent on candles. A clay lamp is definitely an affordable and practical investment.

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