How to use a clay oil lamp?

How to use a clay oil lamp?

These items are becoming more popular these days, with many new persons becoming enthused about owning clay oil lamps, which are perfect replicas of those found in archaeological digs.  

In Bible Days, one of the most notable references to lamps was in the parable of the Ten Virgins. As such, if you wish to own a memoir of such a potent story, it is only reasonable that you learn how to use it. Here are some directions that will help you to get the best from your clay oil lamp

• Twist the cotton wick through the ‘wick holder,’ which is located in the front opening of the lamp. Leave the wick about ½ in. out of the wick holder.

• Fill the lamp with olive oil at the middle opening of the oil lamp. Olive oil (was the most often used in ancient times) but common cooking oil sunflower oil, corn oil, can work. 

• The oil lamp should be filled with a small amount of olive oil, approximately 2/3 of its capacity. Allow the oil to saturate the wick. 

• Go ahead and light your oil lamp. 

• You can adjust the flame in and out of the ‘wick holder’ by using a pair of tweezers. 

• After each use, clean the tip of the burnt wick. The oil lamp will also need to be cleaned from time to time, and you can use hot, soapy water for this purpose.

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