Gifts with Bible verses

Gifts with Bible verses

Among Christians and Jews, there is a widespread love of giving gifts with biblical verses to help edify the believer and reinforce his daily walk according to the Word of God.

If you take a tour of Israel, it is important to know that there are gift stores where you can admire beautiful gifts with Bible verses, ranging from mugs screen-printed with passages from the Word of God, pendants with Bible verses, bags with hidden messages from the Bible, through small chests containing portions of Scripture, to biblical scarves and bracelets with inscriptions from the Bible, whether Jewish or Christian. You can also find gift bags specially designed to carry Bible verses to the person to whom you want to give this special gift.

Most gifts usually include passages from the Psalms and Proverbs, as well as messages from the New Testament, especially the Pauline letters. Some are decorated with rich gold and silver ornaments, others are simple, casual and elegant. Most are small and practical to take anywhere and can be given for any person and special occasion: from birthdays, anniversaries, baptisms to Passover and Holy Week, among other important celebrations.

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