Buying olive wood supports Christians in Israel

Buying olive wood supports Christians in Israel

Both for its physical properties and its beauty, olive wood is one of the favorite materials among the artisans who daily carve and engrave as many different scenes as nativity scenes for sale in the various gift stores throughout Israel.

This wood, loaded with symbolism, adds warmth and exclusivity to all the projects made. Every day, hundreds of workshops and artisans wake up to make these beautiful engravings, in the hope that they will serve as a gift for someone who wishes to buy, give or receive them either on a special occasion or during the Christmas holidays. Apart from the personal satisfaction of getting one of these gifts so appreciated and beautiful in Israel.

Many artisans spend a lifetime working in this very noble and beautiful trade, which is threatened by competition from other, more profitable gift stores. These artisans are almost always the only thing they can do and live on to support their families, sometimes facing opposition and even persecution for the work they do.

Buying olive wood carvings from these artisans helps their families fight the crises and gives a boost to their business to make more gifts and items with this national emblem and symbol of peace in Israel.

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