Bible study tools from Jerusalem

Bible study tools from Jerusalem

In Israel you will find a variety of tools for a complete and exhaustive biblical study of the Scriptures. Others will help you to meditate and enjoy in a visual and complete way, without losing sight of what the Scriptures state.

In the streets of Jerusalem, as well as in other establishments, you can find valuable replicas of the Torah scroll, which contain the sacred essence of the Mosaic law. Likewise, you will also find valuable models that exemplify various places, such as the Tabernacle, the Temple of Jerusalem, the ark of the covenant, as well as various objects such as censers, lamps, seals, rings, all handmade by artisans, specially designed for the academic enrichment of scholars and students.

You will also find various objects that you can use as bookcases, paperweights and chests, which will not only help you to store objects of your personal collection, but will also help you to remember biblical passages and landscapes of the land of Israel, its history and its ancestral culture and religious tradition as God's chosen people. Finally, do not forget that there are also bookstores that have available to anyone, study bibles, books and much written material customized and adapted for all types of believers.

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