Armenian Ceramics from Jerusalem

Armenian Ceramics from Jerusalem

In the Old City, in the sector known as the Armenian Quarter, from Jaffa Gate, through Zion Gate and the Jewish Quarter, there are many small stores displaying beautiful Armenian pottery hand-painted by noble craftsmen.

Armenian pottery can be seen adorning many parts of the Old City, including the Dome of the Rock and neighborhood street signs. All these Armenian arts and crafts had their essential contribution to the multicultural diversity of the country, along with other valuable pieces that evoke the splendor of other civilizations.

Since before its founding, handmade Armenian pottery has been a familiar fixture in Jerusalem, with Old City street signs and contemporary earthenware designed with traditional craftsmanship. You can take a stroll through the streets of the Armenian quarter, where you will find many stores with colorful pottery, as well as high quality replicas perfect for taking home or giving to a loved one.

The floral and faunistic designs of Armenian pottery, with predominantly earth tones and blue borders, have become a unique trademark of Jerusalem handicrafts. Undoubtedly, a beautiful legacy of the melting pot of cultures that coexist in the Old City of Jerusalem.

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