The widow’s mite coins are real!

The widow’s mite coins are real!

Jesus told a very powerful story in Luke 21, about the widow’s offering. This story featured the mite, which is a small bronze Jewish prutah of Alexander Jannaeus (103-76 BC) which was used as small change during Jesus’ time.

Alexander Jannaeus was the first of the Maccabean priestly princes to style himself king on his coins, which bore his name and title in Greek as well as Hebrew. Jesus drew attention to this event while sitting in the temple and observing how the people were putting money in the treasury.

The rich people were giving large sums of money. Then a poor widow came along and put in two small coins (mites) worth but a few cents. Jesus called his disciples attention to this act and stated that the poor widow had given far more than the other contributors to the treasury.

This didn’t make sense when taken at face value, since the widow had only given two mites in comparison to the lavish offerings of the wealthy givers. However, Jesus went on to elaborate that her gift was great because it represented a greater portion of her wealth than the larger gifts of the religious leaders.

Her two mites were a sacrificial offering, and represented her whole livelihood, a sacrifice that did not go unnoticed in heaven.

The coins we use in our ancient widow's mite coin jewelry are all authentic.

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