Anointing with oil for BREAKTHROUGH!

Anointing with oil for BREAKTHROUGH!

Do you need a breakthrough? Perhaps you need one in your personal life, or in your spiritual life? Perhaps, like the psalmist in Psalms 92 you need to be anointed with “fresh oil.” 

In the Hebrew Bible, people were set apart for the Lord’s work by anointing oil. It was a way for the person in question to be dedicated to the Lord. If you are facing trouble in your life that you cannot overcome, perhaps rededication to the Lord is what you need for the breakthrough to come. 

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The King of Israel, David, wrote of his experiences with God in Psalm 23. He famously said “thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies: anointest my head with oil....” Sometimes, when the breakthrough comes, you will not only have deliverance from your enemies. Sometimes, they will have to sit by and watch while you eat the Lord’s blessings! 

Perhaps you lack another oil before your breakthrough will come. In Psalm 141:5, the writer says that the reproof of the righteous is an excellent oil. If you have a sin in your life, sometimes the oil that you need will come in the form of reproof. 

Whether you need victory in your life, deliverance, or reproof, anointing yourself with prayer oil allows you to separate yourself for the Lord. You join in a holy tradition that stretches back through time to the early church. Just as fasting sets you apart from your normal life for a time, anointing yourself with oil helps you to focus on praying for the breakthrough you need. 

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