Anointing Oil for Spiritual Warfare

Anointing Oil for Spiritual Warfare

In the Bible, someone would be anointed to set them apart, to sanctify that person or group for God and His work. Three classes of people were anointed in ancient Israel, prophets, priests and kings. It is fascinating to read the record of these three groups interceding before God for the people. From Aaron and his sons praying as the first priests, to the prophet Samuel praying for the people, to King Solomon’s moving dedicatory prayer in the Temple (I Kings 8). They were anointed, and they prayed for their people. Jesus said that He was a prophet (Mark 6:4), He is our king and our priest too! (Revelation 1:6).

When we go to war with the forces of spiritual darkness, we are going as sons and soldiers of God. We come before God’s throne as prophets, priests and kings in the New Covenant of Jesus’ blood. As believers in Jesus the Messiah, we are not engaged in a fleshly battle but a spiritual one. Jesus was anointed, that is what Messiah literally means. Jesus said that He was anointed by the Spirit of the Lord, (Luke 4:18) but He was also given expensive aromatics at His birth, and wrapped in them at His death. We can walk in His steps and anoint ourselves with oil in preparation for prayer and spiritual battle.

Whether it is accompanied by fasting, praise and worship, or some other spiritual discipline, anointing with oil allows us to set ourselves apart for prayer and for spiritual warfare. Perhaps, like our Messiah, you need to spend entire nights alone in prayer and meditation. Or, as He did, perhaps you need to spend entire days fasting and alone in prayer. Whatever your battle, the prayer oils for sale at Zak’s Jerusalem Gifts are specially designed with specific Bible verses in mind. You can choose the oil that best speaks to your particular need. When you anoint yourself with your chosen oil, meditate on the Bible story connected to the oil, and walk boldly into prayer and the battle, confident that you are fighting alongside the Son of God.

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